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♥Hello my sweeties!♥

Remember the package I mentioned the other day? GET IT HERE MAJOR SALE(ADLINK)


Well, SwissClinic (adlink) was kind enough to send me a package of ?SwissLashes?. I was super excited as it was requested by one of my fellow readers and I have heard a little bit about them, but I can see their name is growing day by day. Why? That is what I am going to find out during the next 2-3 weeks!

SONY DSCI have quite long lashes naturally, but I decided to let my dear mother try it as she has a bit shorter lashes than mine and the difference could be more visible to me. I have taken photos before we started using it (see below), which will allow you to compare the difference by looking at before and after pictures of the lashes.

Here are the photos I took before applying for the first time:


2-3 weeks later I will be taking another pictures, sharing the results with you guys. Can?t wait!
In the mean time, make sure to visit their website and take a look at this product for more reviews: Swisslashes (adlink).


Finally! Me and my friend will continue blogging at

Make sure you don't miss the latest review of our FAV makeup from GAYA: here. Enjoy Lovelies! <3


there is more to come, stop by and let us know what you think!!!
Giveaways soon, maybe? :-)

Konkurranse - Whiter teeths

Hei, kjære lesere!

Har dere prøvd Oral - B's whitening toothpaste`?
Vel det kan dere nå! En hyggelig blogger deler ut hele 10 pakker ++ en extra overraskelse! Så sjapp deg å delta!


Hey, sweeties!

Oh, my, have I missed you or what?

I have been super busy, but I kept my promie, because soon my new website will be available and I will continue my blogging into a hopefully newer level in there! I have missed wrtiting, blogging and my readers! Hope I didn't loose you guys! hahaha!

Anyways, Since we are planning to close down this blog and want to continue on a new website, we kind of want to start fresh with new giveaways and awesome posts! So, in order to do that we have to sell our tan-cards (solpass / solkort). They can be used on all "Brun & Blid" in Norway and each has a value of 100 KR + 20% EXTRA! I sell them for 80 KR. Buy two for example pay 160 KR SAVE 80 KR!

I have by the way already gotten new sponsors and bought you guys awesome stuff for my new website! It is going indeeto be completly awesome!


Miss you!


Get Your FlowerPower ON!

Summer is here, soare the flowers and the sun, lets match the season!

//Victoria's Secret//

//D&G 2011 Summer Collection//
Watched Dolce and Gabbana's summer collection yesterday at "S&S" in Oslo. They had private invitation for their VIP costumers. So I had to run the second I saw my cellphone!

Loved this blue flowery printed dress! AMAZING!

The Sheer Maxi Dresses

I've been gone for quite a while now, haven't I?
Well apologies for that, however I've been really busy with that project, but no excuses! Fashionista's always remember to comment, it's so nice to come into my blog with loads of comments like it used to be, so continue doing that, it gives me a kick to continue sharing my inspiration!

Let's talk fashion now....

The summer has officially begun and we are now in the beginning of a hot hot summer! I've put away everything that has anything to do with "warm&fur" to do!

Every season the trends are changing, and every season a couple, if not more, styles unify. In this season, spring/summer 2011 there seems to be virtually nothing different than that. When it come's to womens wardrobe this summer, well, maxi dresses is the key to enter this hot summer!

Maxi dresses have excisted for quite a while now. For over centuries they've been worn by beautiful ladies with elegance, and the elegance remains....only even more pretty!
This time they've combined it with another style to result the sheer maxi dress. The sheer maxi dress is more or less bohemian (boho).  Not only will it make you feel chic, but also laid  back at  the same time.

Loving the one to the right side! No accessories needed! Of course you could spice it up a bit, but there is absolutely no need. And isn't that dream dress? It's not everyday we pass by perfect dresses that is perfectly detailed and needs nothing more? Who said long dresses cover everything? This one covers and uncovers the perfect places if you ask me!

What do you fashionista's think?

Secret Project

Oh my! It's been too long since last time! I feel like it's been too long time without my blog! 

I've been like gone for weeks now, right? Well, I've been doing very important things. Remember my secret project? Well, I've been working alot with the project, planning and....yeah, planning! So next week I'm officially starting to work with it....and I'm not planning to reveal it up untill I'm done working on it, which means like august or something? Don't worry I'll let you guys now when the time comes!

Rest of my time has been spent on studies, working and of course I've taken my time to shop on the internet, in Spain, and simply everywhere!

La Cañada Shopping CentreSee this? It's the gorgeous shopping centre in Marlbella (Malaga), Spain. It's was so huge! And this was like the 2nd or 3rd floor? Doesn't matter, but it's much bigger than what it looks like, maybe like three times as big as Oslo City!


Tomorrow I'll post the greatest makeup tip so far! All I'm sayin' is that I love Dior and Lancome!

What is fashion?

Have people misunderstood the meaning of fashion lately? Have we overrated the word "beUrself"?
While growing up, I learned, that being yourself if the only way to get further in life and that being yourself makes U unique. It doesn't mean that you can not be fashionably dresses because it's IN and many girls in the streets may have the same clothing....It means do not care about others opinions, not only when it comes to fashion.
A thousand people (if not more) can wear the same clothing as you, but you may stand out....want to know why? Because you give it your own personal twist. It's interesting and inspirational.

Unfortunatly sometimes people take the "personal-twist" expression to serious....

Lady Gaga Number 1 On Twitter

But hey, guys, she's famous for that. She has gotten respect and nobody really cares about it....Whether you hate it or not, you still give them respect. And that's what it's all about.

                                            ?In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.?
                                             -Coco Chanel
                                          ?The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.?
                                             -Coco Chanel

Sweeties, what do you think about fashion? Does the word say anything special to you?

Please feel free to share, maybe you'll inspire me the wat the quote's over inspired me?

N.Y,L.A, Paris ou London?

Heyy sweetypies!

For those of you who haven't gone out yet, should get out and have some fun tonight! And tomorrow, and the day after...And after...

So what are your plans, fashionista's? Shopping, party or relaxing?
I've just gotten home and I've been relaxing by doing nothing, but it's going to get better. I'm going to have a spa-day today, then later clean everything away from my sight and every corner at the house and then finally I'll just chill all night with my folks (family for those of you who didn't get that:) and watch movies! Cozzy!

Damn I hate it when pics are not uploading!

Hey guys, by the way, is anyone of you planning a vacation soon? Where? I want to get a vacation and just getaway for a while. Maybe N.Y, L.A, Paris or London? I'm open for new ideas!


Everyone needs a piece of KRMA-24h SALE!


It's now and 24h SALE! on
The price has now dropped (am I allowed to use that word?) down from 499$,- to 299$,-

The Jacket can be bought right >HERE<

Nina Dobrev stunning as always!

Fergie rocks off with her KRMA jade jacket!


Everyone needs a piece of KRMA....

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