Good feeling

Now I feel this year has officially started. The second week is already on it's way to end and for another week to begin. I have a pretty good feeling! I feel this year is going to just get better and better! ! Even better than last year, even though amazing things happened in my life. So now it's just up to me and the people around me and of course you guys to decide if whether we're going to try to top this year or not! I think I'd go for a "try".  The same goes for you cuties out there to! Forget the past think of present and make your best out of it!

// Fall 2008-DIOR-Armor Fashion Trend //
Wish I'd have these right in my lap, but infortunatly they're impossble to find!
It's a shame though....I bet this girl felt protective in her Armor shoes!

Speaking of Dior, more inspo from the runway tomorrow!

While I let my self sink deep down in my fashion obsession, I'm going to ask you sweeties to share one of your best memory from last year! And do you think 2011 will top 2010? 

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