Win KRMA's Jade Jacket!!!! Best COMPETITION!

Heyy sweeties!

......Gash seems like I say that too much, I'll have to come up with something else later.

I haven't done anything special today but standing  in front of the mirror and addoring my new Tony Bowls dress! (LOVE IT) Pictures will come during next weekend I think. I've actually been preparing for my dear friends that are coming tomorrow! I'm actually going to prepare my favourite cake (recipe will come tomorrow with pic's)!

And at last I checked my mailbox and guess who I got mail from? Krmaclothing! I'm a subscriber (ofc) which is very important if I'm going to inform you about very, very important new, such as today!
All of my dear readers who is reading this has now the oppurtunaty to WIN a KRMA Jade Jacket!!!!
It's by the way a sale right now; ONLY 499$ (before: 650$)

All you need to do is to follow them on twitter! Easy as 1-2 (not even 3!)

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