The long searched platform wedges

Hey gaaaarls!.....and boys (?)

Have some of you guys noticed the platform wedges in every corner of the windows around the streets?
Well, as akward as it seems (considering me as the victim of fashion), I yet haven't bought any....Uff shame on me! BUT....I have a good excuse! I couldn't put my hand on any of those wedges in the stores around me. Wonder why? ^
Simply just because I feel, or, I know that there's a pair of the "IT" platform wedges for me out there. The perfect ones! And I think I've finally found them....sooo I need your advice!

It's going to be one of those "cheap VS expensive" posts:

So which one should I go for?
I don't think the choice of "the look & the quality" would be that hard, but I do think it will be something to discuss.
If whether the Michael Kors shoes are worth for the price or if whether the cheaper version is better.

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Andrea Staff

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08.09.2011 kl.03:48

special and elegant

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