N.Y,L.A, Paris ou London?

Heyy sweetypies!

For those of you who haven't gone out yet, should get out and have some fun tonight! And tomorrow, and the day after...And after...

So what are your plans, fashionista's? Shopping, party or relaxing?
I've just gotten home and I've been relaxing by doing nothing, but it's going to get better. I'm going to have a spa-day today, then later clean everything away from my sight and every corner at the house and then finally I'll just chill all night with my folks (family for those of you who didn't get that:) and watch movies! Cozzy!

Damn I hate it when pics are not uploading!

Hey guys, by the way, is anyone of you planning a vacation soon? Where? I want to get a vacation and just getaway for a while. Maybe N.Y, L.A, Paris or London? I'm open for new ideas!


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