Secret Project

Oh my! It's been too long since last time! I feel like it's been too long time without my blog! 

I've been like gone for weeks now, right? Well, I've been doing very important things. Remember my secret project? Well, I've been working alot with the project, planning and....yeah, planning! So next week I'm officially starting to work with it....and I'm not planning to reveal it up untill I'm done working on it, which means like august or something? Don't worry I'll let you guys now when the time comes!

Rest of my time has been spent on studies, working and of course I've taken my time to shop on the internet, in Spain, and simply everywhere!

La Cañada Shopping CentreSee this? It's the gorgeous shopping centre in Marlbella (Malaga), Spain. It's was so huge! And this was like the 2nd or 3rd floor? Doesn't matter, but it's much bigger than what it looks like, maybe like three times as big as Oslo City!


Tomorrow I'll post the greatest makeup tip so far! All I'm sayin' is that I love Dior and Lancome!

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