The Sheer Maxi Dresses

I've been gone for quite a while now, haven't I?
Well apologies for that, however I've been really busy with that project, but no excuses! Fashionista's always remember to comment, it's so nice to come into my blog with loads of comments like it used to be, so continue doing that, it gives me a kick to continue sharing my inspiration!

Let's talk fashion now....

The summer has officially begun and we are now in the beginning of a hot hot summer! I've put away everything that has anything to do with "warm&fur" to do!

Every season the trends are changing, and every season a couple, if not more, styles unify. In this season, spring/summer 2011 there seems to be virtually nothing different than that. When it come's to womens wardrobe this summer, well, maxi dresses is the key to enter this hot summer!

Maxi dresses have excisted for quite a while now. For over centuries they've been worn by beautiful ladies with elegance, and the elegance remains....only even more pretty!
This time they've combined it with another style to result the sheer maxi dress. The sheer maxi dress is more or less bohemian (boho). Not only will it make you feel chic, but also laid back at the same time.

Loving the one to the right side! No accessories needed! Of course you could spice it up a bit, but there is absolutely no need. And isn't that dream dress? It's not everyday we pass by perfect dresses that is perfectly detailed and needs nothing more? Who said long dresses cover everything? This one covers and uncovers the perfect places if you ask me!

What do you fashionista's think?

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