Hey, sweeties!

Oh, my, have I missed you or what?

I have been super busy, but I kept my promie, because soon my new website will be available and I will continue my blogging into a hopefully newer level in there! I have missed wrtiting, blogging and my readers! Hope I didn't loose you guys! hahaha!

Anyways, Since we are planning to close down this blog and want to continue on a new website, we kind of want to start fresh with new giveaways and awesome posts! So, in order to do that we have to sell our tan-cards (solpass / solkort). They can be used on all "Brun & Blid" in Norway and each has a value of 100 KR + 20% EXTRA! I sell them for 80 KR. Buy two for example pay 160 KR SAVE 80 KR!

I have by the way already gotten new sponsors and bought you guys awesome stuff for my new website! It is going indeeto be completly awesome!

Miss you!

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Anniken Bvre

02.03.2012 kl.17:40

Fin blogg<3

Stikke innom bloggen min? Jeg vurderer blogger!(meld deg p)+Sprsmlsrunde

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