Did you say Zara is officially international?

I woke up today and a special mail in my inbox just made my day! Ahhh, ain't it just lovely?Zara is finally getting an official international website wherecountriesas Denmark, Sweden and Norway are included! >Gå til nettsiden her< Here are some of the hotties I wan't to grab the day it op...

Photo perfect

Heyy guys! I'm so sorry for my absence lately. I've been out of town, actually taking a break. No internet if you wondered. Anyways I've checked out some models around and I decided to share one of my favourites:NATALIA VODINOVAVA Every picture of her is amazing. She is photo perfect! H...

Competition!KRMA's new collection WIN!

Hey guys!I'm reminding you guys that you just got to sign up for my competition with cooperation with KRMAclothingto win one tee from their newest 2011 collection!Good luck guys!TO JOIN:CLick on my "Krmaclothing" menu button.

Valentine's Day: Exclusive OFFER!

Hey yall! I was quite busy today/tonight so I'm just going to post this now, sorry for being late though,You can now get this KRMA jade jacket for ONLY 399$-before 650$ So get some gear girls and buy this jacket before the offer ends 15th February!Maybe it can be your Valentine's gift for someon...


Remember that you can join my competition where you can win KRMAclothing's newest collection tee!ENTER TO >WIN<TOmorrow I hope to wake up to more contestants!CHIAO!

Valentine's Day?

Hello! I'm finally done with all my important meeting/working with my BIG project! It's so exciting, because soon you'll be a part of my exciting journey! I've already said too much! Think I'm going to write a note to myself "SHUSH". Anyways, many of you may be aware that it's a very special day ...

Secret Project

Hey fashionista's!I'm sorry for ZERO bloging these days. I'm working on a secret project that cannot be revealed for a long while (maybe in summer vacation), so can't tell anything :)But guys remeber to sign up for my competition to win KRMA's newest collection tee!PUSH THE "KRMA-CLOTHING" button...

The long searched platform wedges

Hey gaaaarls!.....and boys (?)Have some of you guys noticed the platformwedges in every corner of the windows around the streets?Well, as akward as it seems (considering me as the victim of fashion), I yet haven't bought any....Uff shame on me! BUT....I have a good excuse! I couldn't put my hand ...

VINN KRMA's nye kolleksjon

DELTA I MIN NYE KONKURRANSE OM Å VINNE ET PLAGG FRA KRMA'S NYE KOLLEKSJON! har du sett på Nina Dobrev som spiller "Elena Gilbert" i Vampire Diaries? Hun bruker mange jakker og klær som kommer fra det verdensskjente merke "KRMA" Og nå samarbeider hun sammen med dem om å desgne nye jakker! FOR Å ...

impossible to resist

I see some of you guys has participated in my "giveaway"! But come on we still need lot's of more, you guys shouldn't miss this! If you are interested click on my "KRMAclothing" button in my menu!Anyways..... Did you guys remember to buy yourself some of the hottest trendy pants of the year? Cap...


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