Everyone needs a piece of KRMA-24h SALE!

Heyy'all!It's now and 24h SALE! on KRMAclothing.comThe price has now dropped (am I allowed to use that word?) down from 499$,- to 299$,-The Jacket can be bought right >HERE< Nina Dobrevstunning as always! Fergie rocks off with her KRMA jade jacket! Everyone needs a piece of KRMA....

Can't believe you guys actually would miss this competition!

Heyy peeepps!COme on guys you just have too sign up for kRMA´s competition cooperated with me! It´s afterall the world famous Nicholas Bowes who has designed clothes worn by P!NK, Alicia Keys, Nina Dobrev and many...many more!YOu can win the newest tee from their 2011 collection! GOOOOOOD LUCK S...

The Key For The Summer

Hey sweetiepies!I just took off from work and now I'm sitting in my livingroom writing to you guys while the beautiful sun, shines right through the window. Ah, I get such a summerfeeling, don't you?It would be nice to get rid of the white snow from the ground that has swapped from snow to mud in...

Fashionable with donouts

Who said it´s not fashinable to get unhealthy from time to time? This is what I call real inspiration!Inspiration to all those who actually thinks that being 6´4 and weigh 45kilo´s is "perfect figure"

Bad hairday?-try something funny and new!

Have you ever been in the mood of doing something crazy with your hair? To just lose yourself and think that there's no limits?


Have ever thought about your childhood? The innocense of ours and the innocent impression of the world?Children are brought to this world and their parents are always afraid that they are going to get hurt and hope that they will be ok. It's just like watching people go off to war, saying goodbye...


Sometimes I like to dream and allow my thoughts take a "getaway-ride" for just a while....justa second....And then here I'm thinking about the past, fashion history and of course how it repeats itself....Ain't that wierd? The fact that we can adore a dress and the next second we throw it away.......


23, Oslo

"Fashion is not about changing It's about improvement" -BY AFashionVictim (NO COPYRIGHT) a8.slide.com/p4/2738188573471528360/ms_t017_v000_s0un_f00/images/xslide42.gif" border="0" ismap="ismap" />

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